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Please read the following guidelines for the Jeep Renegade Marketplace.

Note 1: Purpose of this section.
This section is only for members selling, buying, requesting and trading any part or item for or made for the Jeep Renegade.
No businesses or vendors (except as authorized by the Admins with prior notice). see Note # 6 below.

Note 2: Improper postings will be removed.
Any post that is not Jeep Renegade specific can be, at the discretion of staff, be removed. Any spam will result in a quick ban.

Note 3: Proper description in the posts title.
All thread titles should indicate what they are. Such as (FS) for sale, or (FT) for trade or (WTB) want to buy (WTB) and then the item in question.

Note 4: Contacting the buyer/seller
Questions for said item can be made in the thread, but both the seller and buyer should communicate via the private messaging system (PM) when both agree to buy/sell/trade the item. Do not post personal information or contact info in the thread. PM/email the member instead.

Note 5: Follow up on your own threads.
The poster should follow up on the transaction by adding to their post that the item sale, trade was completed.

Note 6: No Business or Vendor Postings for this section.
This section will be monitored and it is not a free business selling forum.
If you are a business and want to sell items continuously, will need to contact the Admins so they can review and set you up properly as a authorized vendor.
If its only a few items (like an "every accessory I bought for the Renegade must go" but not an ongoing sale, then contact the staff for review..

Marketplace Disclaimer..
Neither, Verticalscope Inc. Its owners, moderators and members endorses the accuracy of any information or content addressed in the posting(s) within the Classified/Marketplace sections.

You hereby acknowledge that any reliance upon any material/information or any sell/recommendation from these sections shall be at your own risk.
"We, us" implies to any member, moderating staff, and employees of
"We, us" implies to vbulletin and its employees.
"We, us" implies to Verticalscope Inc and its staff.
Any product being sold/traded/bought in these forums has not been given to us or authorized by any of the above.
We make no guarantee that any item being bought/sold/traded will void your warranty or cause any problems/damage.
We do not accept any responsibility for any damage you may cause to your vehicle.
Should you decide to modify your vehicle with any aftermarket item being sold/advertised in these sections, you do so at your own risk. We are not held responsible.
Any personal information posted in an open viewed forum can be used for spam and other unsolicited purposes or third parties. Therefore it is advisable not to do so. If you do, we are not held responsible for any unwarranted spam you may receive.
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