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Max tire size

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Hi all,

I have been researching this like crazy and am about to pull the trigger on a new set of tires for my renny. I would prefer not to have to run spacers right away since most shops around me won't mount tires if you have wheel spacers. And I don't want to do any cutting or anything if I can avoid it. I have winter tires that came with it from the dealer and now that we are getting better weather and closer to Spring, I want to get a more aggressive AT style tire. I have Rage R20 17x8 wheels with a 40mm offset. Which are close to stock size I believe. I am currently running 225/60R17 and have the 1.5" Daystar lift.

The sizes that I am seeing being used:
235/65r17 (from what I know these will require wheels spacers)

What is my best bet for tire size? Are there any others that I can get a beefier look with and not have to worry about rubbing and whatnot? Basically looking for the largest tire I can get without needing spacers or cutting anything.
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I have stock wheels, 2.5" spacers. Stock height latitude. I have Atturo Trail Blade XT 235/65/17s on her right now. no rub to speak of.

https:// imgur. com / b7jQF7x (remove the spaces to take a gander)
I know this post is a few years old, but where did you get 2.5” spacers?? I’m looking to get the Arturo’s & I can find tons of 2 inch spacers but no 2.5 (that keep the same bolt pattern) any idea if that half of an inch is needed? Thanks!
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