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Mod idea-cut mysky panels to fit transparent section

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I'm in Ireland where the panoramic roof has been popular on Demo vehicles, but literally no one has ordered the My Sky option even though it is available (probably only the powered version is available).

Anyway, I really want open top motoring, but I also want plenty of light, so neither option is ideal.

So what i was thinking is this:

Working from inside the vehicle, could you mark the roof body apperatures out on the underside of the my sky panels - then remove them from the vehicle and cut them - such that if refitted the vehicle would still be open, but retaining the locking mechanism, drainoffs etc. Them simply either glue clear material such as a sheet of flat polycarbonate or perspex on top of the panel to make a panoramic my sky?

Obviously if you bond on top of the remaining my sky donor "carrier frame", there is a risk that the increased thickness may be greater than the clearance when doing to power opening function. How much clearance is there at the moment please (I can't see this locally)?

Another option is to somehow bond (thermally or with glue) tranparent material into the cut-out hole like glass in a window frame, or to leave little tabs and bond to the panel from the underside which would only consume half the clearance when power sliding. (still need to know he clearance for this).

Finally, could just forget about the power slide function and add (possibly) a sheet of real laminated glass!
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What about using Lexan instead of laminated glass?
What about using Lexan instead of laminated glass?
Lexan is just a particular brand of polycarbonate resin - so covered by the idea of sticking polycarbonate ontop of the resulting "mysky carrier frame"...but it all comes down to the clearances, and I'm not in a position to judge - being over 3000 miles away from the nearest MySky demo vehicle!
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