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I haven't been on the forum much recently, because frankly, my wife uses the Rene instead of her car for commuting. I hardly ever see it anymore!

To the point. The check engine light came on shortly after an oil change (9100 miles for the light). Took it in, and came away with 6 software updates. The most noticeable to me is a update to the electric power steering module. I always found the steering to be heavy, particularly at highway speeds. Now, it isn't light as a feather, but it definitely is on par with small and compact vehicles. Old code ended with AD40, new is AD50.
Also got the HVAC flashed, RF Hub update, PCM, IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster, shows more engine particulars), engine control module, tranny, and ABS.

Plus a new thermostat!

That steering update made all the difference for me!

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