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Hi, my Name is Mogli, Mogli II to be precise. The girlfriend of my owner, that I'm with for two months by now gave me that name ... I live in Tirol in Austria most of the time kept well in a very roomy garage together with an enduro motorbike and lots of tools and care-products. I've been taken out several times and could enjoy the beautiful mountains arround here. By the way "hillclimbing" is great, even off-road. Makes me grin when other wheel-mates cannot follow:D Thanks to my diesel engine I do have a lot of torque.
But more about my owner: he is really caring, cleaning me inside and out regularely and trying to keep me clean, especially inside, for he also spent me some rubber floor mats. And further he loves to personalize, so I've got tinted windows in the back, a hood decal, he swaped all the interior light bulbs to leds and added a foot well Illumination as well as additional ambient lighting. Somehow he managed to get a rear seat with the 40/20/40 split (which can't be ordered here for my trim) and already installed it - unfortunate some plastic covers are missing, but I'm sure he will get that from somewhere. Heard him also talk about some further trim on the outside - guess I will get black coating on the roof, the mirror caps, grille and rims as well as all the badges. Later on he's planning to replace all my Speakers (presumably Kicker KS) and add a Sub in the trunk - well he is into good sound (N.B. at home he has a tube amp and really nice sounding speakers ... at least what I've been told) .... hope it won't get too rattling 'n shaking and parts will fall off ... but cool for sure :cool:

Well, that's it for today and looking forward making some cool friends here!
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