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A quick couple of heads up for anyone who's coming to or though France.

As of today the national speed limit has been dropped from 90km/h to 80 km/h
for all main roads without a median or central barrier.

Not all signs have been changed, but radar cameras and the police are enforcing the new lower limit in most regions.

Also you now need to have a pollution sticker to drive in many metropolitan areas during pollution alerts.
These "Crit'Air" stickers are available by post from the French government website.
And cost about 4.60Euros for a 2.0 DERV Renegade for the life of the car. (Or windscreen in reality.)

Do not get them from 3rd party websites who are charging ripoff fees upto 30Euros or more.

Here is is official site in English:

The fine for driving in a pollution zone, during a pollution alert, without a sticker is 70Euros. (180 if you don't pay it within 45 days.)
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