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MR701 & BFG T/A KO2s

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I made the investment, winter is coming. As long as I’m doing upgrades, opted for to go with rims and tires:

Wheels, Method Race Wheels; MR701 (Black), 17X7.5, 5X110

Tires, BFGoodrich’s All-Terrain T/A KO2 @ 245/65R17

I will post pictures after I get them installed.


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I was running 1.5 inch spacers with the Trailhawk stock rims (17X6.5, +40mm offset) with BFG KO2 225/65R17 and updated to the Method Racing MR701 (17X7.5 +30mm offset) with BFG KO2 245/65R17 and 1.5 inch spacers.

I can't imagine going any larger than a 245/65R17...
I'm using a 4" lift (AVID 2.5″ Renegade Lift System and ATP's Renegade/Compass 2.0 Coil Set), 1.5" spacers, pinch weld and fender liner modification and still have tire touch on the rear of the front tires. Nothing major, but I'm still going to have to cut more pinch weld out of it.

BUT, I do like the way thigs turned out.
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UPDATED: for the tire rub.

I knew I didn't screw up the math... lol, well not really

I measured out the clearance for 245/65R 17 and my math told me they would fit without rubbing. When I installed the new tires and wheels, I also upgraded from 1.0-inch spacers to 1.5-inch spacers, and as a result, the front tires were rubbing the inner fender liner at 3/4 turn.

And then I had a dream. So, before I started cutting on the fenders, I replaced the 1.5-inch spacers and reinstalled my old 1.0-inch spacers on the front only.

CURED, no more tire rub and no cutting required.
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Looks great thanks for posting. Now get us some off road photos.
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