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Was hoping to find a Trailhawk, but test drove the Limited with 6.5 display, 9 speaker & safety packages.

It's bigger than I expected. It measure approx. the same as my Focus, but the boxy look make it look bigger. The room inside was more than adequate.

This one was white exterior and black wheels. The black wheels are much better looking than the standard color wheels and would be my definite choice.

Interior was pretty good. We have a Grand Cherokee, so it was hard not to make comparisons to a more expensive vehicle, but they're both Jeeps.

I really like the instrument cluster. The RPM / Speedometer pop up more than the rest of the screen which is appealing to me.

I was comfortable with the vision / view area while driving. I didn't notice any bad blind spots. The drive was real nice. I drove the Grand Cherokee down to the lot and didn't feel like I was taking a big step back.

I looked for some of the Easter eggs. I didn't find Big Foot or the Spider, but I found a Jeep on the bottom right of the windshield and Jeep logos on the lights.

The turn signal is kinda loud. I wasn't going to say anything about it, but my g/f mentioned it. Not a big deal.

My biggest con is the spare tire has to be inflated? I didn't focus too much on this since the TrailHawk comes with a full size, but trying to wrap my head around it, you'd have to put it around a wheel I take it then inflate it. Makes no sense at all.

I'm really high on it. I almost went in to talk numbers with them, but I'm going to try to hold out to summer / fall, but I could have easily went with that one. Looks to be a great vehicle!
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