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MySky powered sunroof fix

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I advise you to read this writeup in its entirety before starting. Theres a lot to know about.

You WILL NEED a can of white lithium grease in this write up. This is the reason for the failure of these clips in the first place. I will direct you when it is time to use it.

Make sure the sunroof is fully forward. If it Is not, you will need to use the emergency override. Process to use emergency override: Above the middle seat in the rear is a cap in the headliner. Remove it and stick a 5mm Allen key into the slot and wind the roof all the way forward.

First, you’re going to want to remove both MySky panels. After, you’re going to start taking apart the sunroof frame. Located on each side of the front of the frame are two screws which attach to metal brackets on the guide rails. These screws need to be removed. After removing, gently guide the rear of the frame up and down the back of the vehicle on the rear guide rails. Once it’s far enough, it should be able to flip up vertically and out of the way. Remove the two screws holding down the wind deflector guard, but be careful as it is spring loaded and will fling your screw across the room if you’re not mindful of that. The wind deflector does not need to be removed entirely, so you can just tilt it forward and out of the way. Now turn the vehicle on and move the sunroof fully rear. If you used the emergency override, you will need to use that still. Turn the vehicle off.

When it’s moved fully rear, you will now HAVE to use the emergency override, turning clockwise, to get the clips to move back enough to pull them up. Move them about an inch or so back.

Now, you need to remove all 4 grab handles so we can get under the headliner. Pull down the handle, and place a small flathead screwdriver into the slots on each side of where it mounts to the vehicle. Pop the caps up, they do not fully come off. Pull on both caps at the same time and the handle should come out with enough persuasion. The rear handles will have a lighting plug that will need to be unplugged. Now, move to the panel trim between the front and rear seats. Use a small flathead screwdriver to pry out the SRS Airbag cap. This will reveal a bolt that will need to be removed with a metric Allen key (unsure on size), but be careful to not drop it. Once removed, pry off the panel, it’s only held in with plastic clips. Once both sides are done, you can begin.

There are 4 screws you will need to remove on each side. These screws are difficult to reach and a traditional screwdriver is much too long to fit, so I found using a small racket with a 1/4 inch socket with a torx bit, unsure on the size, was the only way I could do it. The screws are located on the underside of the front tracks. I found it’s easier to start from the rear and move forward.

I found that the headliner is extremely flexible and forgiving, so don’t be worried that it’ll crack like an egg.

Before you do the next step, There are clips that retain the black sunroof cable housing to the headliner that will need to be released in order for everything to line back up right for reassembly. These clips are white and follow along the sides of the rear panel under the headliner.

Now, you can pull off the broken MySky clips by pulling them straight up. If they are hesitant, you may need to work around the bracket that has the cable attached to it enough for the clips to be pulled straight up, off of the track and guide. Then replace with the new clips.

This next part is somewhat tedious. You’ll have to install the new clips, while making sure the metal brackets are going into the guide right. It’s a balancing act that isn’t difficult but may take a couple attempts. I recommend having a second person to wind the sunroof forward while you keep an eye on both brackets and adjust them as necessary.

Reinstall the four screws, starting from the rear and moving forwards. You may need to wiggle around the bracket that attaches to the cable in order for it to go in right.

Use that can of white lithium grease and lubricate all the tracks at this point.

Now wind the brackets fully forward with the emergency override. Once forward, you can begin putting the frame back together. To reinstall the wind deflector, you will need to compress the spring loaded bar towards the deflector bracket with your hand, placing the rounded end of the bar into the slot on the guide track, then placing it down flat while maintaining down pressure. Line up the hole and screw it down. Repeat on other side.

Flip the sunroof frame to the level position, then move it forward fully. You will now reinstall the 4 screws holding it to the metal brackets.

Once everything is all put back together correctly, you will need to reset the positioning system for the sunroof so it knows it’s closed. The procedure follows:

Move the ignition device to STOP and keep it there for 10 seconds.

Move the ignition device to ON.

Press the sunroof button in the "closing" position once, then hold for at least 10 seconds until you hear the mechanical stop of the roof motor. Release.

Press the sunroof button in the "closing" position again within 5 seconds.

Hold down the sunroof button in the “closing” position. The roof will perform an automatic opening and closing cycle. Otherwise, repeat the operations starting from the beginning.

Hold down the “closing” button until the roof is completely closed. The initialization procedure has ended.


If the moon is right and the wind is blowing the right direction, it should be working fine. If you have any questions, just let me know. This is probably going to be quite difficult to follow as I’m just going from what I remember.
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Hi all,

Sunroof quesiton.... I have the 75th edition MySky removable/power and can hear the motor 'sliding' the sunroof open/close/up, but the actual sunroof is doing nothing. What does this mean?

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