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Need some insight from Renegade owners

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Hi, I'm Robert and a new member who currently owns 2012 Wrangler Sahara and I also build overland trailers at Brahma Trailer here in SW Florida.
I am thinking of building an ultra light overland trailer for Renegade owners that is light enough to be taken off and on road comfortably.
So, what would be the mot important things for a Renegade owner for this type trailer? Our current builds have things like on board water, hot water heaters, shower awnings, regular awnings, refrigerators, solar, ect. so I guess what I'm asking is what would be important features for you.

Thank you for any feed back you can give me.
Robert Ferguson
Brahma Trailer
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at least 6'5" for a bed, insulated to 32F or lower solar opportunity. , spare tire options, generator or propane. small fridge. storage options. non popup top
ner used a roof top tent. weight issues and durability. a enclosed camper would be safer and more sturdy if you ran a dual fuel generator you have to make it exterior sealed so no fumes. would rather see an electric generator. like a jackery though ive never used one. propane be good for cooking,
what about kevlar reinforced panels? maybe plastic coated 2 ply.

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