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New 2022 Trailhawk

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Hi Brand new to the forum and just ordered a 2022 Renegade Trailhawk from he factory. Will take about 6 months to get it,, darn! But in the meantime want to get my list together on what to get for it. I had to sell my totally modified 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with a 4" lift with everything on it and the kitchen sink. Had to downsize because of "wrecked knees" I am a geologist so I need to modify the Trailhawk because I get into some wild territory so the first thing I have to budget for is a lift and offroad tires. I have always run BF Goodrich A/T's on my \Wranglers (have had 7 of them) so this is a new kettle of fish for me and I HOPE I made the right decision
ANy of you rinning BF Goodrich A/T's on your Trailhawks? Are they available for Trailhawks adn what do you think of the wheels that come with it... Can't replace those right away since I have to budget all over again. Haven't even paid for the ones on the Wrangler yet. Have see some great photos of modified Renegades so I think there is hope.....that I will grow into it
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I've always had good luck with the BF Goodrich a/T (K02) the factory wheels are just fine
Thank you so much that is what I was hoping as I have used them on my Wrangler and love them so good to know I can use them on the Renegade.. Did you put bigger ones on yours?? Is it lifted or jst straight onto the existingwheels with no lift? I appreciate it "Jeepalady"
Slightly larger size 225 /65-17 on existing wheels but not sure what size the factory wheels are on a 22,
No lift just the tires and I manage to keep up with the 4 runners and land cruisers in our group (not the Jimny's though they are like mountain goats)
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I like mine but I bought it because it fit my needs mostly beach and light rock off-roading and some light duty towing. Plus as I'm in Japan it is right sized for some of the narrow roads here
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