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New Desert Hawk Owner! Mopar HID Question??

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Greetings All! As of this upcoming Friday, I will take ownership of a new 2017 Renegade Desert Hawk in all black. I'm pretty excited. I had been dealing with my local dealerships for a few weeks and the ONE option I wanted was the Safety and Security package, which included the HID headlights. However, the dealership had a sharp nearly loaded brand new Desert Hawk in stock and offered to take $10,000 off of MSRP. Needless to say, I couldn't pass this up.

The only downside? I'm not getting those HID headlights (the blind side monitoring would have been nice, but i can live without).

So my question is this, and I apologize if it's been asked before (i did search!)

I know that there are some aftermarket HID/LED Headlamps, but I'd prefer to stick with MOPAR. Has anyone successfully upgraded to the Mopar HID's after the fact? I know it wouldn't be cheap (it looks like each headlamp is over $400). However, it's an option i'd love to have.

In my head, this seems like a relatively simply job, but I'm sure it's not. I've asked a local MOPAR shop about it, and they basically said that they can only advise me one what applies to my current vehicle.

Any thoughts?

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The problem (possibly) with trying to retrofit OEM stuff like this is that the factory looms, software, and possibly fixings are often tailored to the equipment. It can be hard to change all that later on and may need non-reversible modifications.
Decent aftermarket kit should be made to fit on to the factory build without so much effort, and may also be easier to revert back to standard if desired.
Unless there is something about the OEM kit that you really need/want and believe can't be achieved any other way I'd look at good quality aftermarket stuff first.
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I would seriously entertain those headlights, but it?s very difficult to find a lot of information/ reviews on them. I feel like I?ve seen maybe a total of two members with this setup.
I completely agree. I've been watching the posts about lights but hard info on compatibility and performance of headlights doesn't seem to be forthcoming. Using better (whiter, brighter) halogens seems to be the only 'safe' upgrade at present.
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