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Hi Everyone. Technically, This did not take place today, but a month ago. I just thought that I would drive the Jeep a bit first before I reported on the installation.
I've got a 2016 1.4 turbo Latitude with the manual transmission. When I got the Jeep last year, I detected what appeared to be a "stumble" under acceleration at around 3000 RPM. Since I had a Fiat Abarth with the same setup (minus one forward gear, of course) for four years and never experienced this, I ran it over to the dealer to have it checked out under warranty. Not surprisingly, they were unable to acknowledge that there was a problem.
A quick aside here: during my time with the Abarth, I had a few problems here and there and my Fiat dealer's service was excellent. In particular there was a clattering noise from the turbocharger area that came and went with no rhyme or reason. The Fiat dealer was always interested, believed me(!), and patiently diagnosed and fixed the problem (actuator) at no cost to me as well as providing loaner cars. The local Jeep dealer was not remotely as good as the Fiat dealer even though they are both FCA entities.
Back to the story. I use Tier 1 premium gas and installed a K & N air filter, but the stumble never went away and diminished an otherwise enjoyable vehicle. Looking for a solution for this problem I came across GFB's (Go Fast Bits) after-market Diverter Valve which looked promising. I ordered one from Renegade Ready. The installation was relatively straightforward, although a bit fiddly in places (as our Brit friends would say). There are videos on You-Tube for those of you that would like to learn more about it. They give you two options for the installation - a partial parts replacement combining factory parts with GFB parts, and a full replacement using all GFB parts. I chose the full GFB installation to achieve the fastest spool-up and least drop-off between shifts.
So, how did it turn out? Overall very good, I'm happy to say. I've put a couple of hundred miles on it since then and noticed a difference. While the GFB Diverter Valve doesn't turn it into a speedster, the stumble is gone, throttle response is better, and the RPM's stay just a bit higher between shifts (especially 1-2 and 2-3) improving acceleration. I haven't experienced a down side yet (knock on wood) - gas mileage not hurt - no check engine lights - and passed my state emission test.
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