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whats up- Trevor from NY, currently residing in FL, i travel A LOT so i figured a car like this would do the trick.
2016 Renegade latitiude 4x4 with the cold weather group. 1.4t -6spd in white
coming from a line of mainly VW's, GTI's, a jetta GLI and an R32 with a few bmw and whatnot in there, i almost got a fiat 500 Abarth a little over a year ago.. but had my eye on this thing. probably will set up an intake/exhaust/software to give it some get up and go, deff wheels/tires. also considering down the road suspension .. but to lower in a bit :roll eyes: i know. but i dove a lowered GTI in multiple feet of snow for years.. its all about the tires not the ride height. so far its been awesome, had it a month already have almost 4,000 miles on it! looking forward to driving this for years to come. :ReneBlueWave:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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