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Just about to buy a Renegade, and figured this place would be a useful resource.
We will be buying a Limited 2.0 diesel, automatic 4x4 version. Its one of (I believe) 50 "Black and White" editions that Jeep Switzerland created.

Its basically an Alpine Weiss colored Limted but with the optional black grill and wing mirrors, and then they are also throwing in a set of black alloys ( on the summer tyres, and then the winter tyres come on the normal Limited rims.

After doing a bit of research, the Renegade seemed to tick a lot of the boxes we wanted. We go to the mountains a lot, especially in winter for skiing, so 4x4 is a big plus, and it has a lot more space and safety features than our 15 year old Fiat Punto (swapping one Fiat for another...).
Our one is a former test drive model, but had done about 80km by the end of our test drive last week, so is almost brand new.

I am very much looking forward to picking it up later this month.
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