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Aloha everyone from Hawaii nei!

First time Jeep owner. I'm sad it's a 2015 Renegade Sport but it's the only one I could afford. Can't wait to dress her up.

(REALLY WANTED THE TRAILHAWK. Still drooling. Darn it. Lol. )

Anywaaaays.... my car seems a little too low for my liking and wanted to do a 'slight' lift. (Feels like it got dropped by previous owner)

Thinking of a 1-1/2" Daystar lift kit but what size rims & tires would you folks advise? Your choice of shocks/ springs for your ride, etc. All the good toys.

Don't want to go too big with knobbies. Need to fit in garage plus I'm slightly handicapped. Can't fly like I used to. Ha.

I also gotta worry about the Recon police regarding fender flares. Sheesh.

Well, mahalo for listening to my question. Aloha.

Semper Fi to my Tuefulhundens out there as well.
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