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New Renegade Limited stalling

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Hi, I'm new to these boards and found them when I googled the stalling issue. My Renegade is only a week old and is at the dealer for the second time due to stalling out while sitting at red lights. The first time they told me the lot tech topped off the gas tank which caused the check engine light to come on and that caused the stalling. (?). It's now there again due to it stalling on me twice at stop lights. I suggested the ship mode solution to the service dept. but the tech told me if my remote works then the vehicle is not in ship mode. As a side note the radio controls on the steering column only work intermittently, and a side panel next to the drivers seat was broken off. Am I dealing with a lemon here or should I just be patient and hope they fix it right this time. Any thoughts?
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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