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:) pick up my new longitude tomorrow, it's only the 1.4 6 speed manual in black and I had to wait 2 weeks for it.
Admiral have quoted me group 18 insurance and an extra £37 to end of july ( previous car 2006 1.4 micra @ £250) thought they were group 8 to 15.
I am 49 years old, what are people paying for insurance and who is it with ?.
I live in Stoke-on-Trent UK.

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Greetings from Aberdare. Welcome to the world of the Jeep Renegade


Mine is only a 1.4 6sp as well. I have mine on motability so I can't comment on the insurance side of things, that is included in the lease. Don't forget that occupations and postcodes can make a difference as well.
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