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That's probably pretty obvious.

Anyway I got a 2015 Limited on the 30th of last month with 50 miles on it,:eek:. My first new new vehicle.

When I first saw the Renegade, I thought they looked cool, and not too different from the car I had at the time, a Nissan Cube.

The Cube forced my hand.
The transmission was changed May 2014. First they tried some valve or what not, but then ended up changing the whole thing. Under warranty.

Around 98,000 miles (late January early February 2015) it did that familiar 'surging' thing again. I was scared to drive the car as it was icy out, and when it would 'surge' it would speed up on some slippery road, which was not safe, so I couldn't put it off no more, I had to have the dealership look at it.

When I took it in they looked at it for a while and they didn't really determine anything. What they did do was update the transmission software, cleared the SES light and told me to drive it for a week, and if it didn't clear up they would change the transmission again.

Well it didn't last a week. I had it looked at on a Thursday, drove it Friday to and from work (about 60 miles), and then Monday on my way home it died. It wouldn't restart. So I had to wait for towing (which I paid for not Nissan, $140). I had it towed directly to Nissan and waited for a call.

Well they looked at my car (this is Feb. 10, 2015). Bad news. It's not my transmission, it's my engine. Cylinder 4 is not firing (or compressing, I don't remember the wording now). My engine is not under warranty (I think that was up at 60,000 miles). So they have two options for me, a new engine that will cost me $7,000+ or a used one with 45,000 miles that costs $3,400 +/-.

So Feb. 21, 2015 I get a call. Good news and bad news the service manager says. Bad news, they won't have my car done until tomorrow and they found another problem. The good news is that it won't cost me anything. They found a leak from the transmission. They tell me that they have one on the way and are replacing it (that's right, 2nd one in less than two years).

Mid-January of this year, again my transmission was acting up. At 123K miles, just 3K miles out of warranty, transmission was slipping and would need to be replaced. 3rd one in less than 3 years. I traded it in. No Nissans again, or CVTs for that matter.

That's why I'm now a Renegade owner. So far I love it.
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