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Took our first highway trip with the Jeep last night. Topped off before I got on the highway. 90% at 75mph, 5% at 80mph, another 5% at 60mph. Averaged 26.5. A little lower than I had hoped, but then I doubt that gubment 29mpg highway number is at 75mph. It was a fun and comfortable trip.

The best part of the trip was the reason we were making it...picking up a set of winter wheels! My Latitude has the optional 18" wheels, which I'd like to keep out of the Michigan salt (it eats aluminum rims). I had been eyeing a steel set of 16s, but they were a good 5-6 hours away. My priority was finding winter wheels and tires for my wifes car. But while searching (and failing for the moment) to find some for her, I stumbled across these '16 Trailhawk take-offs that are spotless for less money, and a lot closer to home. Came with wheel bolts too.

I'll probably be ordering tires tomorrow, and I'll have to do something about the TPMS sensors. So while the timing was not perfect, I'm pretty excited to have these. They are much, much nicer than what I had envisioned my 2nd set of wheels would be. In fact, they are so nice, I'm going to feel a little guilty about them being my winter and soft-roading wheel. But not too guilty! ?

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Since I bought my Jeep, and found it had an inflator kit and no spare, I've been hoping to find a full size at a less than Mopar parts price.

This weekend, I'm browsing through Craigslist minutes before leaving to take someone to the airport. And here's a guy selling a Renegade full size spare and took kit for just under $100. We trade a few texts, and he's firm on his price, but is including some extra items from a Compass. So I'm goign to be right by there anyway, I go to take a look. Appears as advertised, so I bought the stuff.

It's a little rainy/snowy today, but I couldn't wait to see if the thing actually fit, etc.

Out with the old.


And my first close inspection of the extra items. I had not even seen them, as they had been stored in a huge black contractors garbage bag, with the cargo mat half rolled up. Here is the contents of the bag spread out.


All of these items are form a Compass. The cargo mat is nice. Carpet on one side, coined rubber on the other with the JEEP name. The jack handle is different from the Renegade, not sure about the jack itself. So it's a spare for the shop. The floor mats won't work for me, but should be sellable for a few bucks. What I wasn't expecting, and what came out of the bottom of the bag, is a dealer 5-star hooded rain jacket. Good gear to have in case it's raining when you change the tire I guess. It appears to be in new condition. Also included but not shown, a half-circle foam block for storing a few small items, also Compass specific it would seem.

This is the rubber side of the cargo mat. Has a rounded end nearest the hatch that the Renegade compartment does not. And it's also curly from being stored rolled up. But it has potential. Sort of has a Renegade X pattern to the rubber coins.


On to the good stuff. The jack kit is complete, funnel, screwdriver, Stop!! wedge, handle, jack and bag.


In with the full size spare, retaining bolt, and tool kit. The spare appears to have never been on the ground. All fits as designed from what I can see.


Thin, intermediate JEEP panel removed for safe keeping. The regular cargo floor fit back in place with no issues. (Yes the dog has already ridden back there).


First test fit of the Compass cargo compartment floor cover. Setting it in place with the carpeted side up, the two carpeted surfaces like together like weak Velcro. Setting it in place carefully, the curl of the panel is obvious, but it looks promising.

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But as I was afraid, the curved end makes it a touch too long.


As you can see in the previous and next photos, there is a second bead around the edge. I might be able to cut that off, and shrink the length.


But for now, I went ahead and folded the seats forward a bit, captured an inch or so of the mat, locked the seats back down, and the length is good.


This will help it uncurl, and may be a permanent solution. We'll see over time. But overall, good stuff for a freebie!

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Sweet, good deal.
Looks like you got a really good deal.
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