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Hello all!

I'm Nick from St. Louis. I'm 23 and in the midst of my 1.5 year college break (I go back to start my masters in August). I've been a lurker of the site since last fall when I first found out about the Renegade, but decided to create an account and post now that I have ordered my own. Seeing some of your guys' orders of fully loaded Limiteds and THs have made me jealous but I think I'll love my quite basic Sport (hey, I'm still a college kid!). Test drove one Saturday, 3/28 and ordered one Thursday, 4/2. Hearing "6-10 weeks" but who knows with them coming from Italy.

Alpine White Sport
Power & Air Group
Sound Group (which adds back-up camera)
Spare tire.

Typically a fan of black vehicles (with white being my #2) but with all the black accents on the sport (grille, door handles, and elected to keep the black steel wheels), I thought I'd go white for a little more "pop".

I look forward to conversing with you all soon and have admired the forum for months now!
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