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New TH owner here - stereo question

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Hey everyone,

Just bought my TH two weeks ago and I love it!!

I have the base 6 speaker system and I want to upgrade the speakers and power them with an aftermarket amp. Has anyone attempted to remove/get behind the stereo? I'm looking for some guidance, and possibly pictures, to help me through my first mod. If it seems too difficult I may just bite the bullet and pay someone to install the amp for me. I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way about that as I please help!!

Thanks in advance for any help. This is an awesome forum!!

--= Trai15awK =--
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YES, somebody please let us know how to do this. I too want to upgrade my stereo. I don't want to let a "professional" do the work. Some of them leave pry marks, lose screws or use incorrect tension on fasteners.

So, hopefully a smart person, perhaps a jeep technician, could elaborate on how to pull the radio head unit. And how to remove the door panels.

If I figure it out myself, I will post with pictures!!
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