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How goes it! Newbie here. Purchased my '16 Anvil BUTH this past Saturday, and I've been on the phone all morning confirming order information!

What's in the order:

Daystar 1.5" lift
1" RR Wheel Spacers*
1.25" Wheel Spacers* (figured there may be some trial and error)

Soooo....the *'s indicate I'm in a bit of a pickle. Though I have learned alot treading through these threads, with all the different types of wheel/tire combo mods everyone has done, the only solid conclusion I can draw is that with the 1.5" Daystar, I should have no trouble running a 225/65r17 tire on the factory 17" TH wheels with a 1" spacer?

After that I'm at a loss. I see the Renegade Commander is running Rubicon wheels w/245's, the Hard Steel is also running the same...245...and I called Rebel Off Road and was told they got away with running 245's with a custom 0.8mm spacer.

I love the look of 245...but I'm pretty sure you would have to Fred Flintstone the thing to get it moving. So I figured I'd go with the "perfect" set-up at a 235/65. (Which I saw a guy on the forum running, of which I got a confirmation to join, but still do not have access to post or even look at pics?) And then I learn there are very few options of tires that appeal to me in that size.

Which brings me full circle back to the 225/65. At the end of the day, I feel like I'd be pretty happy with that...maintain what little juice I can, get a more aggressive tire and the one I'd prefer (KO2), and have the comfort of knowing I won't have any rubbing issues and serious modification to contend with.

Sorry so long winded...if you have some input, I'd love to hear it! Thanks for all the input from you guys to get me to take the plunge!
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