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Looking at purchasing a used renegade ..
Anything to look out for ?
Looking at 2.litre diesel 4x4 Anvil in colour
Not sure about the colour though:LOL:
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Well, first thing I'd ask is, why do you need a 4WD SUV? Do you do off-roading? Get much snow there in the UK? :whistle:

Because the downsides need to be considered too. The Renegade has a tiny cargo capacity (which helps with its short wheelbase, which in turn helps with off-road maneuverability).

It has the aerodynamics of a brick. Or a toaster, as some here say...

Us here in Colorado Springs? 1) We live in a neighborhood at the top of a long hill, and it's nice to be able to get down and up in the snow (which we do get).

2) We take it to go skiing; being retired we can avoid snowstorms, but it's nice to have the 4WD capability and good winter tires.

3) We do a lot of off-road wilderness camping in the summertime. Tough to fit our camping stuff, but it's OK...
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Check the uconnect screen. ... Make sure there are no lines in the screen.
Well, that was almost-certainly because your battery is/was old, as discussed in the other thread.

Did you ever replace the battery, by the way?

Which does bring up another thing for Neo1963 to look at -- how old is the battery? With these electronics, if the battery is over about three years old, it's time to seriously think about getting a new one...
Had the battery tested and it passed with flying colors.
That's the old/original battery from 2018?

some origiginal batteries around here have lasted six years. Some barely three, causing weird electronic issues..

You said you were changing the battery. So, no?

Remember that just testing the voltage won't tell you much, unless the battery is flat-dead. If it's not under load, it'll still show good voltage.

Who tested the battery? did they do a good load test?
It is the original and no have not changed yet. The repair shop I have known for 30 years and they have been in business for 45 years. I trust their opinion but as we all know**** happens. The battery in my 02 TJ is 9 years old and our 2010 mountaineer battery is 7 years old. Go figure. I do appreciate your opinion very much. I need to make a decision by Tuesday because the dealership appointment is Wednesday a 8:30 am.🤔
Well, your Mountaineer and especially your TJ are much-earlier vehicles, with far fewer and -sophisticated electronics. Therefor less-sensitive to power-supply issues.

You could ask your repair shop whether they did a load test, or just tested the voltages.

So what are seeing the dealer for? You could also them what their opinion is.

Another data point is, Jeep dealers seem to only cover batteries (OEM or that they install) for two years. That's crazy-short. But I've noticed that the expiration of a battery warranty is often when the battery itself starts dying...
The shop did do a load test. Half of the cca. I believe the battery has a 600 cca rating. It held 375 for 10 to 15 seconds.
OK, I don't know much technically about batteries (except that you have to do a load test :) )... But that doesn't sound like passing "with flying colors."

I made an appointment at the dealership close to me (Northport) to check out the screen. Cost 140.00.
The $140 would be for one-hours' labor to plug in and do a scan. Pretty standard, I'm afraid...

I still think it's time to replace that old battery. If it was me, I'd then see what the screen was doing; and only then take it to the dealer for further diagnosis...
Just curious what would you consider to be passing numbers on the battery
No idea. Like I said, I'm not a battery techie.

But that low a CCA result... coupled with the radio screen issue you're having... and the age of your battery... all suggest to me that it's time for a new battery.

I suppose the proof would be if a shop, that sells batteries, tells you yours is still good... :)
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The result was the screen was bad. ... Fully covered under my Mopar max care warranty.
I'm reall glad to hear that.

And I'm honestly surprised your four-year-old battery tested good. But these things really vary. Keep an eye on it, though...
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