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I joined originally back in 2016 just to provide some help when I came across some questions. I was a dynamics engineer for Jeep on this platform and the Compass at the time. I had a 2020 1.3T Trailhawk as a corporate lease, but now I have a 2016 1.4T AWD manual trans that I picked up 2 months ago. I'm getting into a lot of custom parts and might be offering some of my solutions to the forum as I develop stuff.
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Mod list:
Turbosmart wastegate actuator
MPx blow off plate
Tork catless downpipe
Tork multiair springs
Tork Stage 2 Tune
K&N drop in filter
500 Madness coil packs
Deyeme solid trans linkage strut
H&R lowering springs
Bilstien B6 struts
26mm front sway bar (2.0 diesel)
22mm rear sway bar (4xe)
Ingalls front camber kit (1.8* all 4)
Front and rear alignment switch toe in, instead of toe out (silly Italians)
Sparco Terra 17x7.5 +38 wheels (summer)
Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 235/55R17 (summer)
KL Trailhawk wheels for winter
Blizzaks 215/65R17 for winter
MPx wheel stud conversion

Planning on making a custom front mount, front LCAs, front and rear bars, and maybe a few other things. As far as future upgrades, bigger turbo, injectors, and a stage 3 tune. Eventually I'd like to build the bottom end and see what I can really do maybe adding some nitrous on top.

Last week it made 165whp and 207wtq, should have been closer to 195whp after speaking with Tork. Spark plugs looked old, with a large gap, and 3 of the 4 coil packs were obviously from a junk yard and mfg date was 2012. After swapping in new coils and plugs last night, I'm probably closer to 180whp now. Really cleaned up the top end. I think I have a small boost leak at the venturis, so fixing that, and with 120k there might be an oil coating inside the intercooler. So I'm hoping to hit 190 once I check everything. Hoping the engine isn't just worn out lol. In the end I'd be really happy making 250whp on the bigger turbo.

Thank you!

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@ThatGuy I would be interested in your opinion of the Turbosmart actuator vs the one from Forge. Also, the pictures I keep seeing of the Turbosmart actuator show the hose connection coming off the top in line with the actuator and not at a 90 angle for the existing hose. Does it have a 90 degree connection for the Renegade version?

Is the blowoff plate just for the noise or does it help to relieve the backpressure faster?

And how do you like the Tork tuner? I had not heard of them before but it looks like a decent option.

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The Turbosmart has a 90 degree fitting at the top. Blow off plate is just for sound which I love lol. The Tork tune is really nice. Drive much smoother than the factory tune actually.
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