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No "Brake Service Mode" option on my Renegade

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Hi all,

Nearly every YouTube video that I've seen has a step to put your vehicle in "Brake Service Mode" before attempting to replace the rear brake pads. The thing is, I don't have the "Brake Service Mode" option when I navigate to Settings -> Brakes menu, I only have the "Auto Park Brake" option. Does this mean that I can simply replace the rear brake pads same as I did with the front ones? I don't want to do any damage to the caliper or the piston. Any help is appreciated.
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I know it is not available on RHD models exported to Japan. Japans transport laws do not allow for self repair of vehicles and state they must be serviced by certified technicians.
Not saying people don't work on their own cars here because they do but technically it is against the law.
For the most part any repairs that involve the safe operation of a vehicle on the roadways are technically only allowed to be performed a certified repair shops.
Do people change their own wiper blades and oil yes, do some p[people always take their car to the stealership and pay too much? yes
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I just ensured my parking brake was not engaged and wound the pistons back into the caliper like you would on any rear disc vehicle have not had any problems and the brakes work as they should.
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