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No "Brake Service Mode" option on my Renegade

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Hi all,

Nearly every YouTube video that I've seen has a step to put your vehicle in "Brake Service Mode" before attempting to replace the rear brake pads. The thing is, I don't have the "Brake Service Mode" option when I navigate to Settings -> Brakes menu, I only have the "Auto Park Brake" option. Does this mean that I can simply replace the rear brake pads same as I did with the front ones? I don't want to do any damage to the caliper or the piston. Any help is appreciated.
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page 162 in the manual

Brake Service Mode
We recommend having your brakes serviced by
an authorized dealer. You should only make
repairs for which you have the knowledge and
the right equipment. You should only enter
Brake Service Mode during brake service.
When servicing your rear brakes, it may be
necessary for you or your technician to push the
rear piston into the rear caliper bore. With the
electric park brake system, this can only be
done after retracting the EPB actuator. The
actuator retraction can be done easily by
entering the Brake Service Mode through the
Uconnect Settings in your vehicle. This menu
based system will guide you through the steps
necessary to retract the EPB actuator in order to
perform rear brake service.
Service Mode has requirements that must be
met in order to be activated:
The vehicle must be at a standstill.

The parking brake must be disabled.

The transmission must be in park or neutral.

The EPB switch not activated.

The vehicle in ignition RUN mode.

The brake pedal not pressed.

While in service mode, the EPB fault lamp will
flash continuously while the ignition is in the
RUN mode.
A dedicated message will appear in the instru-
ment cluster if Brake Service Mode cannot be
When brake service work is complete, the
following steps must be followed to reset the
parking brake system to normal operation:
Ensure the vehicle is at a standstill.

Press the brake pedal with moderate force.

Apply the EPB Switch.

A dedicated message will appear in the instru-
ment cluster if Brake Service Mode cannot be
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