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No "Brake Service Mode" option on my Renegade

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Hi all,

Nearly every YouTube video that I've seen has a step to put your vehicle in "Brake Service Mode" before attempting to replace the rear brake pads. The thing is, I don't have the "Brake Service Mode" option when I navigate to Settings -> Brakes menu, I only have the "Auto Park Brake" option. Does this mean that I can simply replace the rear brake pads same as I did with the front ones? I don't want to do any damage to the caliper or the piston. Any help is appreciated.
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You didn't say which year Renegade you have (I assume a European version...?), and possibly what Uconnect you have.

I've never done this; but, yes, what Ops quoted above is from the 2021 Owner's Manual (which both of us have). No need to go into Uconnect or any other setting.

Note that it says that if the mode is engaged, the Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) fault will display when the ignition is ON. So that should confirm whether it worked or not...
I bought my Renegade 3.5 years ago, so I'm guessing it's 2019 or 2018, and yes, it's an European version (I'm from Macedonia). It's a 1.6 MJet Diesel Longitude version with manual transmission. I don't know the exact Uconnect version, but I'm guessing it's up to date since I've been making all my regular services in the authorized dealership. Now that my warantee expired, this is the first time I'm trying to do something on my own. I already bought the brake pads, as well as the Lambda probe (I got frequent "Check Engine" light turning on and off intermittently), so I assumed that I could do all this by myself (and a friend who knows a bit more than me on car repairs).

Now, I believe that all I should do is turn off the "Auto Park Brake" option, so that the park brake is not applied when vehicle is turned off, and I can do the replacement. But I wanted to check here first, whether I can get the "Brake Service Mode" option to somehow appear in the menu. I'll try the steps that Ops mentioned in his post (most of those are for automatic transmission as far as I can see, but nontheless), and see whether I'll have any luck with it.
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If you're not sure what year yours is, you can look on the data plate that's inside your driver's door frame on the B pillar -- at least, yours should be in the same place as mine:
There is no manufacture year on that sticker on my Renegade:

Product Font Electric blue Plastic Transparency

But nonetheless, it's the version before the facelift, because I got a big discount during the clearance.

I remembered that I do have a hard copy of the owner's manual:

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Automotive side marker light Vehicle

I read through all relevant sections (EPB, Uconnect 5 options, everything under "Parking"...), I could not find any paragraph referring to "Brake Service Mode", or servicing brakes, just the regular wiper and washer replacement, and light bulb replacement. I think I'll just go with retracting the parking brake and try the replacement. If something goes wrong, the authorized dealer is close by... It will cost me more, but I hope I won't get to that point :)

Yes, I can from your profile... flag of Macedonia -- er, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia -- er, Northern Macedonia...

You guys must be so confused.
Well, I know I'm not. To me (and to most of the people here) it will always be Macedonia. There's a lot of politics involved around the name change, and if there are Greeks here they would jump all over this thread with their famous "Macedonia is Greece" quote, but I don't want to pollute this thread with it. I'm from Bitola, if you have been in Macedonia you probably know where it is, and I can agree with you that we have a beautiful country but we are still not trying to make the best of it, which is also the case for every Balkan country. The amount of hatred and bad blood that politicians served us (and still are) will take at least 2 generations to dissolve. We haven't had any conflicts for 20 years now, so feel free to visit us again, if, as we say "the road brings you nearby".

Thanks for your responses, will post here when I'm done with all my repairs.
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