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No more Commando?

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In the dealership, admiring the Commando renegade they have in stock. The dealer said they have stopped making commando! If right, all those with one will have a very rare beast...
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I'm the one that posted in the other thread. The information that corporate sent the dealer was that the Commando and Sierra Blue were no longer available for order and would be replaced for the 16MY also. No word on the replacement colours planned. I was trying to order the Blue TH but went with my second choice of Omaha Orange.
Still 2015

Would be Really nice if our orders that we are now waiting on will be 2016. Doubt mine will be. Already built & awaiting delivery. I agree... Love the tank color.... Has always been by Fav.

From what I understand from the dealer, current orders are still 2015MY. They won't be accepting 2016MY orders until late summer/early fall.
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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