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Nobody knows anything?

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I ordered my Renegade with a MySky early May, they told me about 6-8 weeks MAX if I wanted the MySky....
I am reading other forums about orders being stopped for 2015. I call my dealership each week asking for an update and he knows nothing. I understand the MySky is what is delaying it, but Jeep has no date to when they'll be ready? :( Imgetting extremely impatient, and annoyed.
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I am going to contact my dealer tomorrow, and tell him all that I've learned on this forum. So, if he doesn't have a VON number for me, it is not in process, correct? Its already been 6 weeks, so I assume I would have a VON. I will update you tomorrow on my phone call.
My understanding it that when a VON gets assigned, that means that your order has been submitted AND been accepted into the system from the other end. I have heard of some orders being "placed" by the dealership, but if it is not accepted into the system, then VON is not assigned & order not actually placed. At least this is what was explained to me....
Yes, this ^ is what happened to me. I "ordered" it at the dealer, put down a deposit. When I went back a few days later, they said they've been looking within 500 miles and can't find the one I want. No sh!+. The one I want hasn't been built yet. In Italy. Please order it. Oh, we can't place orders. Took my money back and went to a different dealer who could actually place an order. Apparently, some dealers can and some cannot.
Just called Jeep, and I'm G!!! Trim, baby! Might actually have it by Labor day!
Sweet!!! And to anyone reading this forum... IF you Special Order... Ask for a VON up front when ordering!!!! I had mine the same day I ordered!! (I also knew to ask, so they were aware I knew what I was talking about... no leeway for games)!
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Unfortunately if you're in Canada the Jeep contact people will tell you they don't have the same system as they do in the US to look up your order. They will just direct you back to your dealership. When I called they suggested talking to the Service Manager at the dealership. If anyone found a better Canadian resource I'd love to hear about it.
See this thread:

Originally Posted by toaster5
I'm having such a hard time reaching the dealer. Terrible customer service I am experiencing right now. Is there someone at Chrysler Canadian here I can discuss this with?

Hey there, myself and Wes are available to Canadian customers here on the forum and are happy to help out any way we can.

Please keep an eye on your PM inbox.

Dave P.
Top Care Specialist
FCA Canada

You can PM JeepCACares & they can look into it for you....
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FINALLY GOT MY VON #. Supposedly its in JB stage? Any idea what that is?
JB = Just Built..... "awaiting any pending options to be added" (never have fully understand what that part actually means) Mine sat in JB over a month & I kept getting told that it was awaiting options to be added..... I didn't order any that would have to go on after it was built, so I think it was just awaiting shipping that whole time.
Now, how did you get all that information?
Check your messages, I PM'd you......
Nope. Just got the update, mine's stuck in Belgium Edit: Atwerp, Belgium... hmmm, stuck there since 5/28?
I read the article, but why would yours be held there for well over a month? I don't get that part?!
Hello! I just ordered a 2015 Renegade Trailhawk with all the options - my sky, cold weather, safety and security. After reading these posts, I am worried I just got scammed by the dealer. Did they really stop making the 2015's? How can I be sure I am going to get the jeep I ordered without waiting 6 months? I was told 6-12 weeks...
No one seems to know for sure yet, but sounds like your order may be considered a 2016. I don't think that means the dealership "scammed you" necessarily. Sometimes they do know & other times they just are not informed to know what is actually happening. I do think the Rene has been out long enough, that ANY dealer knows it takes WAY longer than 6-12 weeks to be delivered all the way over from Italy! Also, did they give you a VON? This confirms that your order has been submitted & accepted.
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