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Noise coming from passenger rear speakers on new car

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I have a new 2022 Limited with Kenwood factory sound system. I’ve had a noise coming from my passenger rear speakers even with the radio/music off. The noise seems to come on only when I switch on the car lights, or when I hit the brakes (and brake lights are on). Does anyone have any idea what this might be ?
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I literally had the exact same issue with my ‘21 Trailhawk…same noise, same speaker (upper small speaker on rear passenger door) same Kenwood audio system, only made the noise when the taillights were illuminated (brake lights, turn signal, taillights being illuminated with the headlights). Mine took almost 3 weeks to fix after getting Chrysler techs and a Star case opened. The dealer first thought it was a blown speaker and tried replacing them without success. The diagnosis ended up being a short somewhere between the rear passenger door and the taillights that caused the buzzing noise. The dealer ended up ”overlaying” new wiring over the factory wiring to get rid of the issue. They could never find the actual short, but overlaying the old wiring bypassed the short. This came from the factory this way…had the problem from the first miles on the truck. Once the problem was fixed, the buzzing noise was gone, but the speakers never sounded the same, not sure why. That was only one of many issues I had with my Renegade and eventually it pushed me to turning my lease in just 8 months in. I was convinced that I had a Friday-built Jeep, but it sound like they could have a manufacturing issue with that audio system. Best of luck…don’t let a dealer tell you that you don’t have an issue.
The problem is when I took it to the dealer they didn’t know what the issue is and just threw a bunch of ‘could be’s at me.. “maybe it’s the sensors” “maybe the amplifier”

they wanted me to leave it for a few days for their trial and errors attempts. Which I think is ridiculous. Mine is currently at 210km, so it’s incredibly frustrating.

i thought it’s from the upper rear speaker only, but apparently it’s the bottom speaker on the same door as well. But it’s not as loud as the upper one.
This sounds like such a nightmare. I didn’t buy a brand new car so I would spend my time at the dealership! Especially if it’s clearly a manufacturing issue that they should have addressed. I have another appointment there in 2 days and will see how that goes. But this doesn’t sound too promising.
If anything, I think I should be offered a replacement.
Did it start making noise from day one ? Did you test drive it ? When I bought my one year old Latitude, all the sales dude wanted to do was talk during the test drive. He even turned on the radio to show everything off. I turned off the radio and politely said, "No talking until we're done.". Then I listened, windows up. Then one window down at a time. Shook the steering wheel, listening. Listened for the brakes. On the way back to the dealership I said, "Now you can do your salesman thing.". And boy did he. Preventing a salesman from talking is like trying to tell a 5 yr old to not talk in church.
Apparently it’s from day one but unfortunately I did not notice it until a week later. When I tested it, it was during the day (so no lights). I didn’t notice it until I got the registration papers and started driving it at night
I can understand your frustration, but this isn't unusual for a new vehicle to have some kind of issue pop up. That's exactly why a warranty is included. They need a opportunity to make this correct before just handing you a replacement vehicle. This defect should be able to be resolved, but it will take time. They literally have to take 1/4 of your interior apart to trace wiring and test every connection that could be causing the problem.
Well, they've already had the car for a week, and they still can't seem to figure out what the problem is. I call them almost every day, and it's always "we're still trying to figure it out, and we'll share an update tomorrow"
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