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Odd comments about the car

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Since taking delivery, I've had odd comments about my jeep, mostly from work colleagues , postman pat, Pope mobile, Tonka toy and hair dressers car, quite funny really, but I'm so impressed with this little car, and I like the fact it's so different, but I can understand why some people find it quirky, but its great not to bow down to conformity
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Like all the Renegade advertising blurb says,

Tear Down Conformity One Yawn At A Time

Can't? That Sounds Like A Challenge

Be A Voice Not An Echo

Cheat On Fear Have An Affair With Your Dreams

Ready For A Challenge?

Be Renegade.

As for it being a car for hairdressers, that's pants. Nowt like a hairdresser's car. I can't until the end of the year so I can order mine :crying::crying:
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The haters need to get a life and do their own thing instead of being sheep and following the crowd. Don't be sheep, be Renegade FTW
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