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Here is a partial post of an offroad test drive review in Romania:

Hello folks. I took part today in an offroad event to mark the launch in Romania of the brand new baby Jeep, the Renegade. Got to take it out on a motocross circuit on the outskirts of Bucharest and see what it is capable of.
We first got to hit the track in the 2.8 Diesel Wrangler or a 3.0 Diesel Grand Cherokee and then compare it with the main star the Renegade.

I , of course , chose my first car to be the Wrangler. The circuit was loose dry dirt / sand with some deep mud areas. It had quite a few steep inclines and some sideways banks.

The Wrangler tore through the track with enthusiastic ease and to my surprise so did the baby Renegade. The little guy is quite nimble , has good approach angels and a decent ground clearance. Has a nice high sitting position to asses the trail ahead. It fells sturdy and well built but you can tell it is quite a light car by Jeep standards and the 140 HP engine pushed it with ease over even the steepest inclines and deepest mud. This thing is quite fun to take offroad , prancing around like a happy gazelle compared to the heavy trusts of the rino like Wrangler. Kinda reminiscent to the old Suzuki Samurai / Jimny.

Full Article:

Event Photos:
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