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Oil Change Interval for 1.3L turbo 9 speed

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Hey y’all, have had my renegade since June. Only have about 3k miles so far and was curious to what others with the same engine do for oil changes. I know the oil monitor doesn’t tell us it’s “life” and Jeep recommends at most 10k miles or 1 year. That seems a little extensive for the city driving and cold and winter I’ll be having. I’m thinking around every 5k miles, what does everyone think? Thanks!
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I know this is an old post... Has anyone heard of an oil specification change on the 2021 Jeep Renegade Limited 1.3L from the 0W30 AN+ to 0W20? Just took our renegade into the dealership for the oil change under the Jeep Wave plan and they put in 0W20 oil. I questioned the service writer and he said that jeep had relaxed the specs and this was okay. Everything I've read specifies the MS-11340, even the oil cap references 0W30.
I did get a reply from FCA and even though they did address just one of my concerns, sort of... they did say that sometimes Stellantis releases internal documents available only to the dealerships on updated recommendations for the type.(Not sure what is really meant by the the type). He did confirm the 0W-20 is listed as recommended for all temperatures. Tempertureis one thing but longevity and shearing is another.
I felt the response was an answer/not answer, pretty non committal. Probably won't be taking the Rene back for anything other than warranty work. Will be getting an oil change before our next road trip.
I purchased 2 Mopar 68439517AA for use while under warranty. I pretty much use Fram as my go to normally. I couldn't find the Mopar MS-13340 in stock on line several months ago so I ended up buying Triax 0W-30 Synergy SRT which doesn't include the Jeep MS-13340 but is an SN Plus API certified fully synthetic oil designated for turbos.


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Update on the 0w-20 oil change,
The dealership did get back with me when I finally replied to multiple requests for a review... long story short there has been a revision to the oil recommendation for the 1.3L DI turbo engine. The new recommended oil is 0W-20 ACEA C5. I attached the Mopar docs.

Still trying to understand why they dropped the oil change interval from 10K miles 1 year to 5K miles 6 months which pretty much defeats the vehicle's oil service indication.


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