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Oil consumption recall

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So, I took my Jeep Renegade 2015 to the dealership like a month and a half ago. The changed my oil and did their check and multipoint inspection. No issues there. Today, brought it back under the mileage range they specified. The agent told me an hour later that he typed incorrectly the mileage to bring it in and there was no way to analyze the oil consumption accurately and I had to bring it back again to retest and start again the oil consumption analysis. He went back in told me to wait a few mins. After he came back, he told me he would give me a free oil change on my next visit to do the oil consumption test again (Everything fine to this point). But then, he brings up some valve leaks issues that were never detected and don't think my car has them (no issues). He told me to fix that issue before going through the oil consumption again. Yes, over $1100+ in repairs with them + parts and taxes like wth??

Should I take it to another dealer?
Why do they claim these leaks now?
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Hey guys. I’m sorry if This may have been answered already, but I’m new to this forum. How do you find out if your vehicle qualifies or needs to have this test done? I know it’s for the 2.4, does it include 4x4? Is there certain VIN code sequence. Thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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