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Oil Consumption

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Has anyone noted any engine oil consumption in their Renegade 2.4 engine?

When my car was delivered it had 190 miles, part of that was because my local dealer didn't have the color we wanted so they picked it up from another dealer. Anyway the oil level was about 1/2 between full and add marks. Maybe the engine wasn't filled at the factory? I added enough oil to bring it to the full mark.

The car now has 2800 miles, I have checked the oil several times since it was filled, yesterday I noticed it was about 1/3 down from the fill mark.

I realize that isn't a big problem but I haven't experienced that much oil use on my last several new vehicles. I also realize the oil consumption may decrease after break-in.

That said, I know most new cars now require very little or no break-in miles.

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have a 2018 Renegade. How do i know if mine is included in this recall?
2 months ago, my jeep started stalling while driving. no dash lights. no warning lights. i was NOT due for my next oil change yet--had about 1500 miles to go for my 5000 visit.

I took it to my local shop and i WAS 2.5 QTS OF OIL LOW!!! WHAT THE ##@@$$

Where can i check my VIN to see if my jeep is included?
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