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Oil Consumption

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Has anyone noted any engine oil consumption in their Renegade 2.4 engine?

When my car was delivered it had 190 miles, part of that was because my local dealer didn't have the color we wanted so they picked it up from another dealer. Anyway the oil level was about 1/2 between full and add marks. Maybe the engine wasn't filled at the factory? I added enough oil to bring it to the full mark.

The car now has 2800 miles, I have checked the oil several times since it was filled, yesterday I noticed it was about 1/3 down from the fill mark.

I realize that isn't a big problem but I haven't experienced that much oil use on my last several new vehicles. I also realize the oil consumption may decrease after break-in.

That said, I know most new cars now require very little or no break-in miles.

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This is my first post, not only on this forum but for any forum on a Jeep. I see that our 2020 Renegade has the same issues, I see many others have the same issues. Our is still under warranty and at this time, it's not looking good. Low oil pressure light went on, took it to the dealer and it did not go on for them. My wife had it go on nonstop in traffic, she called me and I told her to put it in park, it stopped and she was able to drive home. I spoke to the manufacturer and they said they would get back with me, it's been almost one week. Starting yesterday, I began to research online about this problem, I see it's very common. I was told that if I bring it back in and the light does not go on, they will charge me. I told him that it must be IN DRIVE with the AC on, he puts the key in the ignition while standing, starts the car and tells me the light is not on, I then explained a 2nd time the conditions needed, he said the shop would do that. At the end of the day they said they were not able to get the light to go on and said their lead mechanic wanted to drive it home for the night with a 100 mile round trip, that's when I explained for the 3rd time the conditions needed and the car does not need to leave their lot to replicate. They drove it for 20 miles and still said it would not come on. Just this morning I began to realize what may be happening so I did a quick white glove test on what is coming out of the end of tailpipe. Very black and oily, tested one of our other cars with more miles and it was much cleaner. My options? See my neighbor, their family owns the local Ford dealer, bye bye Jeep for good. My other option was to take it to a dealer 20 miles away so they can tell me the light is not on. BEST OPTION? Jeep simply needs a computer programming upgrade to show that the light did in fact come on, perhaps they had it and turned it off, I don't know. Last option is too easy but very undesirable to me, that is a Class Action lawsuit. These cars have all the makings for it, we will simply need more people with cars under warranty and we will need them in different US States. If any such action has begun, we need to publish it and get more on board. Do all due diligence before buying these cars, good day.
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Forgot to mention, our car is now parked in the garage and will not be driven until this is settled.

The most unsettling part of it is that I have no way to prove this is happening and this is NOT a fault of mine.

I offered to take pictures and do a video showing it, I even offered to make an uninterrupted video with the VIN number and license plate of the car and the dealer said they cannot accept that as proof.
Hello, Maynard. Our team recommends a dealership visit for your concerns. If you decide to go that route and need support, let us know.

Jeep Cares
I tried that as you may have read. The dealer was good to me but they cannot prove it's happening and I believe it should be in the software.

Can you give me a way to prove this? I spoke with a rep at Jeep and they said pics and video should suffice, dealer says it will not, which is it? Happy to resolve this.

Jeep is very aware of this situation. We just bought a used Jeep for our son, with 116,000 miles, it has a very clean burn coming out of the exhaust, the difference is night and day.
I apologize for my misunderstanding then, Maynard.

Regarding a way to prove a concern, we do not have much insight there. If the dealership you're working with states that pictures and video will not work, we suggest working with them to see what will. If repairs end up being made or additional diagnosis performed, feel free to reach out to us in private message.

Jeep Cares
I contacted Jeep in private last week, very nice lady who helped me, she believed photos and videos should have worked. I was under the belief that I would be contacted and was not.

Jeep knows the problem on these cars and my car is still parked, saddest car I have ever purchased, new or used. We drive out of town often and will not allow ourselves to get stuck on the side of the road like others.

Thanks for doing your best to help.
UPDATE, it went from bad to worse. We let the car set for nearly two months, only driving around town, the light would come on now and then.

Wanting a 2nd opinion, we stopped in at Jiffylube, the light was not on and we told him nothing of our experience with the dealer. Now there is a permanent record on our Jeep, it was ONE QUART LOW ON OIL after the dealer promised it was good.

We are simply done with Jeep, we will not go back to the dealer that made me believe there was no light to begin with. We were told we would pay money if we brought it in again.

I told the dealer that the light would only come on at a stop in gear. He reached into the car and started it, then he told me the light was not on. I told him it needed to be in gear, he would not do this, he assured me that his mechanics would check things out. They knew these cars had this problem and instead tried to convince me that I was the problem.

If they can't see ONE QUART LOW, they are unworthy of any business from us.

If Jeep puts these things out there, they are unworthy of us ever stepping foot on another dealers lot.

BEWARE PEOPLE, you have been warned.
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It was the DEALERS fault 100% on mine.

It's been 5,000 miles since Jiffy Lube found it to be one quart low on oil and it has not used a drop since then, it was right were it was supposed to be.

We never asked Jeep for anything, just to find the problem, we were told that we were the problem.

Best news? Car may be totaled due to Dodge Ram running into it on the highway, the car held up very well with no injuries, very impressed with this aspect for a small car.

We are now buying a new car as repair companies are so backed up it's hard to see if this can be fixed.

We will NOT step foot on another Jeep dealers lot as the next dealer is 20 miles away, good bye Jeep.

Good day.
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