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Old Kid = vintage 1945

New GP = '19 Renegade Lat. 4WD

Well... it's not "brand new", but all the neighbors think its new. Bought about 2 weeks ago, has 13,300 on the clock, not a scratch, dent/ding, or chip anywhere. Local dealer had it listed @ 25k, 4 or 5 people tried to buy it, but because of its' loan value, the down payment needed to finance was pretty high and each deal fell through. Me or actually We, work hard, save our money and keep our rolling stock longer than most, such as: (The Harley, new in '81; the Chebby PU, new in '03; the Ole Lady's Mini, new in '12. I know, BFD... ; but we still have all this iron and they're all up and running and they're all paid for). Oh yeah, I managed to whittle the price down to 22k.

And; Thanks for stoppin' by: HUGH3, aka HMPIII, aka Hugh M. Proffitt III, Wichita, KS
1 - 4 of 4 Posts