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Hi there,

I found this forum a few weeks ago and can't find a better one for the Renegade. Nice people in here!

I ordered a Limited 1.4l MultiAir 2WD on December, 02nd 2014.
My wife ordered Command-View and Colorado Red, I ordered Xenon-Lights and keyless-system. The windows in the back will be dark and it will have heating in steering-wheel and seats.

It should be delivered in the early march 2015, the dealer in Berlin says.

We have been searching for a smaller car than our Volvo V70 because the kids have been grown the last 10 years and we do not need so much space any more.

Some day in September 2014 I looked at an Abarth 500 but this was not what we were searching for. The (Fiat) dealer gave me a brochure of the Renegade as an inspiration...
Looking at this, I remembered my brand new 1996 Wrangler YJ. I bought it in black with Grey seats, soft top and soft doors when I was a student.
(It had been wrecked by a drunken truckdriver after 3 months, hitting me into the front in Hamburg.)

I tried to compensate the loss by building a YJ as RC-car in 1:10.

As you can see on the picture we live in Germany at the coast of the Baltic Sea and I work in Berlin.
That's why we do not need a 4x4 in real live, there are no hills or even deserts around. Only towns and Autobahn. And it is forbidden to drive on the beaches.

Sorry, my english is not very good. :redface:

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Never really thought about the shore of Germany. It's a pretty short coastline (at least compared to Canada :) )

I'll look forward to hearing more form you once you get your Renegade in.

And btw, your English is very good. I didn't spot any errors.

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Thanks a lot

@All: Thank you very much!

Great looking model car!
Meeting my family only at the weekends for the past 5 years, I had to have a hobby during the week.

my sister is the owner of a 1.6 4x2 and is really happy.
I really envy your sister!

Never really thought about the shore of Germany. It's a pretty short coastline (at least compared to Canada :) )
You are right, even compared to norway, I used to sail around for a few years when I was young.

Coast of Baltic Sea? I am from Neubrandenburg.
We live in Rostock.

You will receive a lot of attention when driving it in and around Berlin, so be prepared.
Oh, that is not what I was searching for. But we are used to it, driving with our 1972 Mercedes at the Weekend.

During this event my wife and me engaged, a few minutes after this picture had been taken...

And my english ist really not very good,
it took "only" one hour to write this, thanks to :laugh:
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