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Opening Edition 1.6 Diesel Faults

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Well as we now have a UK section I will post here.
Raff here from Northern Ireland.
I posted an introduction some time ago but due to a bereavement I couldn't post for a while.
Any ways I ordered my car March 4th and picked it up last Thursday.
I've only put 200 faultless miles on the car. Craic'n wee motor.
Finally The stop/ start system started working today, and I don't know if it has any bearing but, when the car was parked at my work, the alarm siren went off for no reason. Nothing would turn it of. Not the keyless entry or the actual key in the lock. Strangely the indicators did not flash. The car started and drove ok. Some warning lights came on the dash. Finally the alarm went off after about one minute.
I rang Jeep Services. The guy who answered the phone was arrogant and kept talking over me as I tried to explain what was wrong. He told me to book the car into the dealer. I explained that there were warning lights on and should I drive it for one and a half hours with them on. I live about 80 miles from the dealer and I would have to take leave from my work. Finally he agreed to send out an agent to check the car over.
The RAC agent connected his Computer, but it did not register any faults, and of course the warning lights had gone out.
One hour later same problem occurred but this time I rang the dealer. As the siren was blaring.
I explained my unsavoury discussion with Jeep Services.
Dealer arranged through Jeep to send recovery lorry to pick up car and arranged a hire car. He apologised for my unpleasant experience and lodged a complaint with Jeep.
I can only wait and update, when and as, I am. The dealer has promised to ring tomorrow.
So congratulations to Charles Hurst Group Belfast for great service.
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Sorry to hear of your problems Raff, what a pain, there is a thread about this problem, it may need a firmware update, hopefully a quick job, please keep us posted ;0)
Unfortunately Raff the delay to all UK cars was down to an alarm software issue that only affected the UK.
I also have an OE but the 1.4 Petrol. I live in Bristol and the Renegades come into Portbury docks just outside Bristol. I know several guys who work at the car import/export docks and they did inform me at the time I was waiting for mine that the flash software updates were working OK on the Petrol models but were still problematic with diesel engines cars.
Jeep customer services are fully aware of this issue and you should push for some extra comp out of them. I got £150.00 voucher to spend at any Jeep dealer on accessories or servicing.
Touch wood I have had no issues at all everything seems to work and I have found the stop start to be one of the best in a car I've had, I've done about 600 miles now:)
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Thanks guys.
Shrek I've posted before that you inspired me to lodge a complaint and as a result I also got the £150 voucher.
When I picked the car up last week I had to wait over 2 hours for the dealer to carry out the update.
No word from the dealer yet.
I must say I do miss the wee motor.
I had a similar issue on Saturday, the alarm would not reset and there was no response from the car when using the fob to lock/unlock. Eventually when I used the key and started the engine it cut out after 2 seconds.
I read the handbook which suggested a key fault so I had to be taken home to collect the other key.

When I got back to my car both keys worked fine, fingers crossed it is a one off!

How did you get on when they took it in?
Has it been OK since?
Car is still with the dealer.
They contacted me to say that they carried out a factory reset and are awaiting confirmation from Jeep on any further software updates.
Your lucky yours cut out. I drove quite a distance with the alarm sounding.
I felt like an emergency service lol
Hi ,all
Wife picked her new renegade up yesterday only done 25 miles then had same problem with alarm and faults and indicators not working not very happy had to take straight back to dealer where they gave us courtesy car to get home ,so car has been in garage trying to find out fault today they say it's because of alarm siren error, they've offerd us to hand car back and walk away as v5 hasn't been sent off , any advice much appreciated .
sorry to hear that, what engine is it Diesel?
Do we know if this is a problem that solely affects the Opening Edition diesels, or all diesels for the UK market?

I pick up my diesel longitude tomorrow, so just want to brace myself!
Good luck hope yours is a better experience than ours was .
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The Alarm software fault only affected UK cars so that was the initial delay to any Renegade trim or engine being delivered.
It now looks like the alarm issue is still affecting the diesel engine cars unfortunately for some of you.:(
If it were me I would give Jeep Customer services and your dealer a call and point out that the alarm fault has not been rectified and that if when you collect yours and they can not guarantee it has been solved you will be expecting compensation that way you have given them both the opportunity to make sure all is OK before you take delivery.
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Giving owners a rental/loaner car is the best way they could go about it, although it may not be a Renegade, at least you don't have to put up with any issues while the issue it getting worked out.
Dealer rang today. They sent off a fault report to Jeep and they replied today.
Appearantly the Body Control Module (BCM) is faulty and they are sending one over to the dealer to fit.
The service manager said its to do with the Thatchem system, which isn't required on the continent.
I'm told the car should be ready by Tuesday 5th May.
The hire car supplied is a Toyota Carolla Verso diesel of equal spec.
I hope it's just one of those things.
I'm glad I wasn't offered the choice of leaving the car back because honestly I don't know what I would do.
Thinking back to 2001 we bought a new Beetle and thank god for the 3 year warranty as we had quite a few electrical gremlins for the first 2 years................we kept that car for 13 years.
Hi raff,
Was the Bcm the problem just with your car or is that the problem we are all experiencing ?
In the whole of Northern Ireland there only is one Jeep dealership.
The service manager said he downloaded a fault reading programme from my car and it is read over the Internet by Jeep, I assume, in Italy. They replied that it's the BCM.
The service manager never mentioned if it's a common problem. I don't suspect they would.
Hi raff,
Was the Bcm the problem just with your car or is that the problem we are all experiencing ?
yes very interested to know this....

Hi by the way, just joined the forum and said a quick hello in the intro section.

I too have been blighted by the alarm issue, firstly there was a delay in collecting the car as the dealer in mid march said they couldn't stop the alarm going off and had to disconnect the battery and speak to Jeep. They got back to me about the recall/problem and had to reinstall the software, this was in Carlisle.

Anyway had the car back home (Newcastle) for 2 days and the alarm was going off and all the usual electric problems that came with it... no stop start, no lights (all of them), no indicators, no heated seats, anyway you get the picture. An hour later all back to normal and off we went. 2 days later (whilst having the car booked in for check) the same thing happened, so straight into the dealer this time (Newcastle) and they reinstalled the software as per the other vehicles they had done.

Now that was all about 4 weeks ago and then on Sunday to my huge disappointment.... the alarm problem reared its ugly head again, the same story as previous times, this time it seemed the doors unlocked but alarm didn't disengage and then it all went off. Into the dealer again on Monday and I believe they said there were no faults logged (similar to last time) and Jeep instructed them to reinstall the software, I guess we'll have to wait and see but no mention was made of the Bcm to me.....

Did raise it with Jeep this time after reading about the money off voucher, only to be told thats what warranty for any more problems get in touch etc. Hopefully this will be an end to the issue as very disappointing.
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My wife got hers delivered back to her from dealers yesterday and they said it had all been sorted,when she mentioned to them that I'd been on this forum and seen that a lot of people are getting this problem with alarm they said they knew nothing about it until it had happened to us, anyway fingers crossed they have sorted it as she thinks it's great .
Can't believe it just gone outside to pick kids up and guess what the problems back with the alarm and no indicators,lights and fault codes all on dashboard. Wife rang dealer straight away and they've got to send lorry down in morning to pick it up ,good job we told garage what ever they do not to send our v5 off for our part ex car until it was resolved , so we are giving the jeep back and getting our other car back they've just agreed,what a nightmare purchase it nearly turned out to be phew ,hope you all have better luck with your purchase than we did ?
This doesn't sound good guys.
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