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The outside temp sensor is located at the bottom of the right side view door mirror! Don't ask me why they put it there.Usually the sensor is located in the front. When you are parked the sun heats up the mirror housing and it reads 10 to 15 degrees more!I had readings upto 104 when the outside temp was 90! I took it to the dealer and they ordered a new mirror (as usual you cant just swap the sensor! The entire mirror housing has to be swapped) but it didn't make any difference. Its a design flaw and you have to drive a few minutes until the mirror housing cools down!


Wingmirror temp sensors have been a thing for nigh-on 30 years now.
Not really a design flaw.

If your dealer swapped your wingmirror because of it getting hot under the sun I hope they didn't charge you for that.

Post #97 shows how to fix actual duff ones for a few cents.
But as posted before, first thing to do is clean the door loom connector.
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