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After owning our new Renegade Trailhawk for about 2 weeks, DW finally let me swap Jeeps with her so I could take the Reney on a good long drive. I went to visit my father-in-law today (about 60 miles away via interstate). He lives on 10 acres in rural Mississippi so not only did I get some good interstate cruising in, but was able to do some light 4 wheeling on his property. His land is "lawn" and was fresh cut, but has about a 40ft high inclined grass hill that tends to be bumpy and kind of rutty. I drove down it and back up, mostly for the fun and to set the vehicle up for a photo shoot...getting it in the right direction, angle to the sun, etc.
Oh yeah, on the interstate drive I also did some breakin driving by accelerating occasionally as if passing, etc. While it's certainly missing the power that the GC has, I was pleased with the "passing power".
Generally speaking about the mpg, I had topped the tank off and reset the computer to get a good read on MPG. I cruised at 65mph and this showed about a 33mpg rate. After the 150+ mile round trip I had averaged 25+mpg. While I was hoping to get 3-5mpg more than this, I was not unhappy.
With all the talk about the tranny, I kept a close eye on the tranny temp and it pretty much stayed at 180f the entire time.
Also generally speaking about the ride.... as most should know by now, the ride is "firm", which is something both my wife and I like. If you want a vehicle that "floats" down the road, this isn't it. It could be different on the 2 wheel drive versions, but the Trailhawk is "firm". This is noticeable mostly on city roads, but I found the interstate ride very comfortable.
Lastly, on the way home I detoured onto a new gravel road to go check out a new small State Park. It handled the gravel very well and I felt in full control.

This is exactly the kind of diversity that I bought the vehicle for.... decent mileage for interstate/light 4x4 driving, making it a perfect suv for my photography biz as well as a daily driver for DW.
We are very happy with it so far!!
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