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Paddle Shifter Retrofit

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Paddle shifters are equipped on some of the European Renegade models. These same paddle assemblies are installed on many Chrysler models of which I have many part numbers resulting in the same part.

I am interested if someone with a European Renegade equipped with these paddle shifters could kindly pop the little tab loose, which covers the screw (Picture 1), remove the screw that holds the unit in place and take a picture like this (Picture 2):

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

then, post them below.

I am trying to determine what type of wire harness is required for these units. I would just go to a dealership and do this to a Chrysler 200, Jeep Grand Cherokee, etc however I am not so sure they would appreciate me taking apart a brand new car.

Any techs that might be willing to do this would be much appreciated!

I have read that these are possibly a wireless unit. Information found here. These are AMG units which are likely the same. They are being installed on Chrysler vehicles.

Thankfully the parts are nice and cheap so this could be an easy, and fun, retrofit!

Anyone who is willing to help, thank you in advance.

I was unsure where to post this, wanted as many eyes on it as possible.


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Disregard the link I have. It appears those units are for an older architecture vehicle. The paddles I am concerned with appeared in 2014 model vehicles.

Thank you again!
Anyone willing to help?
I don't think it is a matter of willing, I just don't think anyone who can has read it. Heck, I'm not even sure who could really help that much.
Anyone have a 2015 Chrysler 200 or 2014+ grand cherokee? Just need to see what wires are going into this switch. I expect only 2 and hope only 2 but not holding my breathe.
Brazilian Jeep Renegade diesel has paddle shifter too.
Also european Fiat 500X has paddle shifter too in some models.

I am working with a local dealer to figure out a retrofit. The service manager thought it was an interesting idea and is waiting to receive a vehicle to take apart and examine.

Fingers crossed that there are only 2 wires back there and this will be an easy plug and play retrofit!
I'm very interested in how this project turns out!!!!

I miss my manual so much, this would get me 1/2 way back.

Thanks for the effort!
Trying too

Down here I'm searching for the part with the FCA Brazil, no answer till now about the availability or price. The Renegade is made in Goiana, Pernambuco State and themodels are:
1.8 flex fuel 132 HP MT, 5 speed
1.8 flex fuel AT, 132 HP 6 speed (mine)
2.0 Multijet diesel AT, 170 HP, 9 speed ( a dream for prohibitive 39 K US dollars)

Any news ?
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Alright, sorry about the abandonment of this. I found some sad news which put this project on hold. After getting my hands on a Chrysler 200 and a Jeep Grand Cherokee with the paddle assemblies I found that the harness in the steering wheel has 3 wires with the paddles and the Renegade harness only has 2 wires. This leads me to believe that this would involve at least a partial harness replacement at minimum. The challenge is figuring out what harness to place in there that will work. Thankfully the paddle units are pretty much all the same across the different vehicle platforms and are readily available. Just need to figure out if the main harness would accept the wheel harness with the extra wire or if this is a complete wire harness replacement/full overlay to make this work. Messy...
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