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Bought a 2015 Jeep Renegade 2.4l on 6/19 with a little over 3k miles. The more we drove it, the rougher the idle seemed to get. Even shifting gears it seemed to hiccup, and the parking lurched. The engine was loud, the vibration felt through the steering wheel and there was a noticeable vibration in the hood itself, like the engine wanted to come on right out. No check engine light.

Took it to the dealership today and a few hours later they called me with a pending misfire code in cylinder 1 and found spread terminal at pigtail. They repaired the terminal, checked plugs and coils, and performed 2 software flashes. The ride seems smoother, some, but I'm a skeptic. It still seems a little loud imo, and I've got two videos -- one with hood open, one with closed. This Jeep was manufactured in 2/15. I know the earlier production Renegades have had some issues - is this one of them?
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