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Perform Service Message (has to be reset with diagnostic tool)

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When I start my Renegade Limited I get a "Perform Service" message on the cluster display. No check engine light, just the message for a few seconds on screen when starting up. The service countdown says 0 days, 0 miles too.

I brought it to the dealer and they couldn't figure out what was causing it. They did 8 software updates and the car is still displaying the "preform service" message.

It has just under 10k mikes and the oil alert has been reset, so we know that's not it. Disconnecting the battery doesn't fix it either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Edit to add- READ THIS POST:
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Ours at start up shows "25 days till service" Dealer said to wait till than to bring it in. If any one know how to reset this please let me know.
we have just over 7,000 miles and it said 18 days to service on start up.
The dealer did not have a clue and said to bring it back when it hits 0...
We just had that happen to us! Your dealer has to reset it with the Starscan and set it back to 0. It is a count down from 365 days.
Yes we did and it took 2 hours for them to find out what to do to reset it. They could not tell me why this happens and it has nothing to do with oil changes.
It is a BS count down the dealer is the only one that can reset it after it hits 0. My dealer has no clue why it is set like that.
1 - 5 of 68 Posts
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