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In another thread where someone was discussing a comparison of the Renegade vs Cherokee, I posted the link below, which may have gotten lost in that lively discussion.

The link provides information for the different Renegade models and engines (U.S. and Europe, petrol and diesel). I was mainly interested in the 0-60 times; but, someone in another thread was looking for h.p. vs torque curves, which are also included.

What I found interesting was the 0-60 time for a European model- Limited 4x4, 1.4 multi air Turbo, 170 Automatic; 0-60 in 7.5 secs. The h.p. was 168, and the torque was 184 ft-lb.

I just thought this might be interesting to some, since in the other thread a 0-60 time was given as 9.1 secs. for all Renegades.
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