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I think a manual trailhawk would be an appearance package more than anything else. Other than the .3 inches of height and skid plates under the fuel tank the only real trailhawk goodies are the three extra selections on the terrain dial, all three of which would be pointless in a manual.

4 drive low-locks the auto in 1st gear. In a manual just don't shift to second

Hill decent-locks in first, adjusts speed with brake and throttle inputs. Manual-don't shift out of first while going down a hill and, this is novel, use your brakes to slow down.

Rock-pretty much same as 4 drive low from what I understand-I could be wrong though.

What I'd like to see is an aftermarket or Mopar gear set to raise the diff ratio and lower the final drive a bit more. Sixth gear would drop down to a little above where fifth is now making it much more usefull and first would be a sub-20:1 crawing off-road only gear. Second would be your starting point in the road.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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