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I've barely seen another Renegade since I ordered and collected mine a few months ago.
Today though, I've just seen two black, one sand and one red within a few miles of each other. It must be a case of 'where can we go with our new Jeep? oh the Scottish highlands will do!'
Either that or there's a big meet up here and I haven't been invited :crying:

The sand colour is very very pale though, more latte than mocha.
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Getting quite frustrated as ordered my red latitude in April and being told its late Sept delivery which probably means Nov.
His argument was that I had ordered all the extras :(
Whats making it worse is that I now notice they are advertising the Renegade on Channel 4 a lot.
Have only seen one on the road that went passed so quickly it was - was that a ...........
The only one I have seen on the road was the guy driving it in before I test drove the same one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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