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Congrats on the new vehicle! Interesting that you mention the coasting to a stop thing. I think on some vehicles, when you release the gas pedal the vehicle slows very quickly and you lose gas mileage as you can't coast as long to a stoplight. I have the automatic 2.4 nine speed..and It seems to me to that when you release the gas pedal it downshifts and maintains speed as much as possible to allow you to coast as long as possible therefore increasing mileage if you try to coast to stoplights..etc.
No problems here with shifting or anything else...other then when first starting the vehicle and it's cold..kinda hesitates after backing then put into drive...but I don't consider that an issue...I think its something cars do when first started and especially cold mornings.
I also think you're just breaking the car's learning you and you're learning it...soon it will fit you like a glove...:)
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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