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Post-purchase dealer surveys

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Has anyone else done these after their purchase?

The other night when I went to pick up my tags from the dealer my salesman confronted me and told me I gave him a "horrible, horrible survey and that he got in trouble".

I think my reaction was what the what?!

First of all, the survey is barely sticking out in my mind. So it's not like I started in with a negative attitude or anything when filling it out.
I felt I gave normal, average scores and honest answers. I was not blown away with the service so why would I lie and give perfect scores throughout the whole thing? I know I didn't give straight ones or something drastic.

Anyway, I felt really uncomfortable being confronted like that and feeling hostility. Now I will really dread going back to that place when my lease is up.
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Evaluation surveys like that are broken. Anything less than perfect is considered abject failure. It's endemic to the companies offering the survey service. Rather than admit they can be gamed they just tell people that anything other than perfect is making customers angry because these people over here magically got all fives by buying off customers.

Being honest and giving scores you don't think we're bad did screw him over. The only real use they have is when buying, ask what you can get for a perfect survey.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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